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22 April 2004 @ 02:21 am
^Raven^'s Whining  
It struck me that wouldn't it be cool for staff members to have the opportunity to write a column each month here on the forum? Each person takes a turn, gets to bitch and moan and complain about anything they want. Hmm...this sounds familiar but why? Oh I know, we do this throughout the forum anyway. Despite that, I think it is nice for us (by us I mean staff) to be able to write whatever we want without fear of persecution or some mod coming in and fiddling with what we post. Not that any mod would dare do that to an admin or anything...right? LoL. Anywho, with this in mind I felt that since I own this place and co-fund it with Freeze it is only proper that I kick this off. Hopefully the response will be good, and people are encouraged to reply to the column. Staff members who wish to write a column have to get in touch with me.

This month's column is called Raven's Whining as you may know and if you don't then shame on you because it is in the title. If you can't read it then go get some glasses, contacts, or start using medicinal marijuana to clear up that glaucoma. This is called Raven's Whining for a reason, any idea why? Yep, because I'm Raven, I'm writing this column, and I'm complaining.

I'm glad, nay, ecstatic that people are using the For Sale & Trade board. But, why is it that people are posting things I can't use? There's no cool Tau or Space Marines, no Grey Knights, WFB Chaos or Dwarfs, just orcs and things. I see that people are having a problem selling/trading what they post but maybe if people posted cooler stuff others would buy them asap. There's some Black Templars there which are sort of tempting and not much else.

While on the topic, why are people not buying stuff posted on that board? How can it be improved? I can't answer the first question but I do have some ideas on how to improve the board. I think that every thread needs to have the item's name, the seller's location, and whether it is a sale or trade in the SUBJECT. This'll help potential buyers go for stuff near them (thus keeping s&h down). In addition, the posts need to have more information. It is nice to say, "I've got 8,000 skaven. Who wants em?" but it doesn't say much of anything. Instead, detail what types of Skaven you have, Stormvermin or Lords or Assassin or Doom Wheels. Give a quantity of each, state how much $$ or what other stuff you want in exchange for each (or if only selling them as a group say how much $$ or goods you want for the lot). List methods of payment you're willing to accept and methods of shipping you're willing to use. Give people choices!

Above all else, if the stuff is painted do your best to get a picture available. I'll even ammend the forum rules to allow pictures into posts for the For Sale & Trade board. Take the time to take the extra step in providing information. The more the merrier and the more likely you'll get a sale.

Keep an eye on your thread! You want to be able to respond to people's questions and comments as soon as you can. You'll often be able to turn their questions/comments into a completed sale. This is good for you because you'll get goods or money, and it is good for them because they get some cool stuff.

Wrapping this diatribe up, what's with the lackage of cool stuff I like and why don't people respond to my posts? There's certain people who lose sales this way. Some may call Warhammer a VICE but I don't. Follow through with your posts and for the love of the Emperor (who sits on the Golden Throne for all of Mankind) start putting up some stuff I'd like. It isn't much to ask is it? With the collapse of internet GW sales through Hobby Workshop and TheWarStore we need to start relying on our fellow gamers to lend a helping hand to a hobbyist in need.

That's it for this column. Let me know what you think. Just post your comments here and don't be afraid to say whatever comes to your mind but whatever you do, don't use beardiness in a negative manner or Grungi will thwap your skull with a Gromril Axe.

This was originally posted on the Chromiates Warhammer Forums (http://forum.warhammerforum.com) on April 28, 2003, 04:50:47 PM.
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