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18 August 2004 @ 04:02 am
July 14th, 2004 Newsletter  
Hello Everyone,
Welcome to the next weekly newsletter!! I hope you all loved the work
put into the last one! Hopefully this one will be even better than the
last! This week we have many hot new threads for you all! As well as
the official introduction for the campaign. I should also note that
school is finally out this week! Just incase you were wondering where
I was. Well, on with the letter!

Below is what is new, hot, and upcoming this week on the Chromiates
Wargaming Forums. Be sure to check the forum online at
http://forum.warhammerforum.com for additional information on
everything in this newsletter!

****Rumors/Sneak Peeks Abound for Games Workshop****
A lot of rumors and sneak peeks have been surfacing on the forum in
the world of Games Workshop, keep your eyes on these threads as they
are updated regularly!!!! In particular there are some hot Fantasy
rumors for Ogre Kingdoms, now WITH PICS from ^Raven^
(http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2588.0), Wood Elves
(http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2295.0); 40k rumors
(updated!!) (http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2587.0),
and sneak peeks
(http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2396.0); plus Lord of
the Rings model sneak peeks
(http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2065.0). Ghrond!

****Games Workshop Storm of Chaos Campaign Started ****
After many long months of excruciating tension and build-up, through
what has seemed like an age of impatience and waiting, the Storm of
Chaos is finally here! Your armies now gathered, your enemies clear,
the time has come for you to register and record your battles, as the
battle for Middenheim begins!

****Forum's Online Fantasy Campaign Starting Up Again****
Greetings, campaign members

Well, the campagin is now semi-officially underway. I've created the
roster, but have only had time to post one battle, which, in a
perverted twist of fate, had to be assigned to me (Technically to my
friend, but it amounts to the same thing). I'll be away for the next
week or so; during this time Warlord Mattticus and Prince DeVries will
try their hand at battle creation, and chances are they'll be better
at it then I am! A brief re-cap of the story thus far; Lord Barstein
has decided, perhaps fatally, to attempt to unite all the races of the
world under one banner. Few are following him, but he has become a bit
of a cult favourite. A Greenskin Horde and a Dwarvish Hall has decided
to put aside their difference for the sake of survival to hold off the
looming threat of Chaos, specifically Skaven. Other factions of
Greenskins and Dwarves find the idea repugnant, even blasphemous, and
are determined to set them in their place. Most of the rest of the
world has been torn asunder by inner conflict, from Barstein's
rebellion in the Empire to outright civil war in Ulthuan.

The first round of campaign scenarios will be "testing the
water," in a matter of speaking, to re-familiarate ourselves with the
system and to aid newcomers. Nothing particularly earth-shattering
there. I've designed a bit of a "tree" system, so that your next
scenario will be based on whether you win or lose, and will therefore
branch off into another segment of the campaign, In addition if anyone
does not receive a battle, to PM Prince or Matti.
See you in a week.

Steve Hackett

****Vote Chromiates!****
That's right! Chroniates is now #2 on the thewarp.net's Top 100
listing of Un-official GW websites!! Huzzah! Please vote for us over
at http://www.wabbithole.com/cgi-wabbithole/03/rankem.cgi?action=in&id=^raven^
you can also click the thing in the sidebar too! Soon, with you're
help, we can be the number one unofficial Games Workshop in the world,
and wouldn't that be great!

****Staff Member of the Month for July 2004: ^Raven^****
With this being our first weekly newsletter I decided to give June's
Staff/Member of the Month spot to myself to talk about the newsletter
and recent gaming events. Long time members will realize that this is
the first time we've ever produced a newsletter and may wonder why
we've waited so long. The truth be told is we've been working so hard
for the past year and a half to get CWF setup that producing a
newsletter was beyond our means until now. Luckily we have a stellar
staff and great core group of members who keep the forum going while
also having a high level of activity. Without those great people, who
know you are, it wouldn't be possible for me to take the time to
produce this issue of the newsletter.

The newsletter is our venue to bring what is hot, new, and important
from the Chromiates Wargaming Forums to you in the hope that you'll
stay abreast of all the activity. With the forum having grown
astronomically it can become overwhelming to stay up to date on all
the threads and posts. Hopefully the newsletter will make that less
overwhelming and more enjoyable. Each newsletter will contain news
blurbs on key threads or posts along with forum information or news.
In the last newsletter of the month a Staff Member or Member of the
Month blurb will appear chronicling either a staffer or member. This
will alternate to give everyone equal visibility. Near the bottom of
each newsletter a list of hot, new, and important threads with links
for you to visit.

We hope that everyone finds the newsletter enjoyable and that it
succeeds in its mission.

****Server Outage****
As you may or have may not noticed, we experienced a server outage
yesterday. It didn't last very long, thankfully. But, please read
about it at http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2067.msg25120#msg25120
for the fully scoop.

****New Template****
Everything you have heard is true! At least, the rumors about a
secret new template are true. You can read more about this at
http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2305.0 for the inside

****June 2004 Stats****
The month of June 2004 was, what has become, an average month in terms
of stats. It was neither spectacular nor an embarassment. We
surpassed the records for June 2003 and are pleased by that. It shows
continued growth. If you are interested in our stats please go to
http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php?action=stats where you can
see our stats from day 1 until today!

This is the section where, you, the forum members can have your say!
This week, ^Raven^ was more than willing to apply for this weeks

****^Raven^'s BFG Ork Hulk****
Work is progressing on my Ork Hulk for BFG. I am at the stage that I
have finished painting the body of the hulk. I did highlights and am
now working on the bitz. You can read my worklog for the hulk
including pictures by going to
http://forum.warhammerforum.com/index.php/topic,2421.0 and follow my
journey of creating a BFG Ork Hulk.

****New, Hot, and Important Threads****
Afraid you missed an awesome discussion? Worried we couldn't cover
everything in the newsletter? Check your fears at the door because
this is a list of the new, hot, and important threads we couldn't give
blurbs on but think you should check out anyway.

-[HeroClix] Marvel New Set Excitement

-[HeroClix] Who Plays?

-[HeroClix] Marvel, DC, or Indy?

-[HeroClix] Why No Spawn or Dork Tower?

-[HeroClix] Creating a Team, Help!

-[HeroClix] Tourney New Info

-Warmachine Wave 13 Solos

-[Warmachine] Building a Protectorate of Menoth Army

-painting Brettonians

-[Warmachine] Need Help Painting Your Models?


-Using textured Paint

-[Fantasy] New Forgeworld Terrain

-[BFG] Imperium Fleet

-[Fantasy] New Chaos Warrior Conversion ideas! And how!

-O & G Bitz

-WH40k Chaos VS Eldar 1500 pts Battle Report

-Orcs and Goblins Strategy Tactica

-Warhammer Tactics 101

-Dark Elves: Advice to beginners


-Sony Handicam To Our Forum. Need what?

-New Rumors (Ogre Kingdoms mostly)


-My Return to Warhammer

-2500 'Ard Boyz List


-2500 pts Slaanesh Army

-Confusion With HE Spear Rule

-Goblin Bolt or Stone thrower

-My First 2000 pt Goblin List

-Background Story Fantasy Online Campaign

-Lothern Sea-Monster

-Making the new Chaos Warriors 'Chosen'

-The Chosen of Sigmar


-2150 Tzeentch Daemonic Legion... With More Stuff I can put in, now!

-New 40k Rumors

-New 40k Models

-Armored Company is GT Legal

-New IG Models by Forgeworld

-Ordos Xenos Photos

-Iron Warriors Photos

-Help With 40k Slaanesh Army

-DA Army List

-CSM Subdivision Question

-Space Marines Noobie

-Emperor's Chapter 666 (DH)

-2000pt Blood Axe Army

-Emperor's Champion

-Anti-Marine Task Force (1,000pts Tau)

****New Releases****
New Releases expected for this week include:

Games Workshop:
-WHFB Borgut Facebeater
-WHFB Orc Shaman on Boar
-White Dwarf Magazine

Role-playing Games:
-AD&D Book of the Planes (now in stock)
-AD&D Eberron: Shadows of the Lost War
-Forgotten Realms: Serpent Kingdoms (now in stock)
-Shadowrun: Shadows of Europe

Board Games & Non-collectable Card Games:
-Risk: God Storm (now in stock)
-Battle of the Bands Encore Edition
-Four Dragons Card Game

Collectible Card Games:
-Lord of the Rings: Mt. Doom Starters
-Lord of the Rings: Mt. Doom Boosters

****Parting Words****
Well, this is the end of issue #3! Its been fun working on it again,
and I hope you all enjoy reading it. Just remember to contact me about
anything regarding this here newsletter! Anything from suggestions, to
ideas for a column of your own are more than welcome! I will give you
feedback to anything regarding this newsletter as soon as possible!
Well, bye for now!

Keep on Gaming,
Rinion, and The Chromiates Wargaming Forums Team.

As always no squigs, squats, or chaos dwarfs were harmed in the
creation of this newsletter, however, several electrons were