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22 April 2004 @ 02:26 am
^Raven^'s Whining: Analysis  
It has been over a month since I last put out ^Raven^'s Whining and I have more to say. There has been a lot of discussion on the forum lately about the different editions of 40k and the rulesets so what better for me to make a diatribe about? Low GW prices?, free paint?, never losing?...a gamer knows not about these things. Since those are ruled out I'll continue with a discourse on the various editions of 40k.

I got into the game several years ago in the current 3rd edition. I've never know anything before it but it seems that I got into the game with the wrong edition. There's all this talk about how great 2nd edition was with its virtual limitless cheese and power gaming oops I mean freedom and extremely complicated....I mean advanced rules. But, in the not too distant future 40k will be undergoing yet another transformation, this time from 3rd to 4th edition. Already codices have been updated to fit into the new standard, Chaos Marines being the foremost in my mind.

But, what is a 3rd edition gamer like myself supposed to do? When 4th edition is released all of my codices, army lists, and my rulebook (that dastardly thing but I'll get to that shortly) will be out of date and I'll have to spend hundreds of dollars to re-purchase what I already have. Did I mention that the models will most likely be recast in newer versions so I'll have to buy those too! It'll be WFB Chaos all over again!

I used to know a couple guys who played 2nd edition and they swore that their group would never play 3rd because they had all the 2nd edition codices, rules, and whatnot. I called them cheap for refusing to spend the money on new stuff, cowards for not being willing to get with the time, and a slew of other things. Little did I know then that I would be one of the relics. For, there's few options available to a 3rd editioner like myself. We can acclimate to the new edition, modernizing our codices and armies. We can bow out of the game for all eternity, selling off all our 3rd edition stuff hoping we get enough money to buy a pack of gum at the corner store. Or, we can refuse to modernize and continue to play 3rd edition for all eternity living in a world of our own like hermits being unable to partake in any official tourneys, drawing strength on the arcane ways in an effort to prevent the embers from dying out.

What shall I do is beyond me, or perhaps, as the Oracle would declare, I've already made my decision and just need to realize why I made it. One thing I do know is that 4th edition had better not have a rulebook like 3rd edition does. I have yet to come across a rulebook as worthless as this and believe me I have put a lot of effort into doing so. The rulebook is extremely poorly laid out. The other day I was reading it in an attempt to re-familiarize myself with the rules in an effort to prepare for a July Eye of Terror gaming day at a nearby store when I realized that I couldn't find what I needed. So, I attempted to use the table of contents and index but surprisingly neither helped...did I mention there is no index? Every good publication has an index at the rear from Farmer's Almanac, Consumer Reports, to Bartlett's Familiar Quotations. The 3rd edition 40k rulebook does not.

Another major problem with the rulebook is the abundance of unneccessary army lists that fill pages 164-263. Excluding the horrible appendix, quick reference guides, and photo pages, we can say that only 128 pages are devoted to how to play the game. That means less than 49% of the rulebook helps people to play the game and approximately 51% of the rulebook is army lists with another 5-8% is practically useless stuff or at least less important than actual rules. These fill pages that should be filled with clear, concise and helpful rules along with a worthwhile table of contents and appendix. In 4th edition I hope this is an error they repair as they most assuredly will not be plugging the hole in the boat that is 3rd edition's rulebook.

This was originally posted on the Chromiates Warhammer Forums (http://forum.warhammerforum.com) on June 03, 2003, 11:31:21 PM
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